The Ultimate Niche Site Template Collection

Gary Osburg
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Once you've dived head first into building your new site and publishing content, you'll run into questions like this before you know it:

How many articles are in draft and require further editing?

What's the password for the recovery email for my hosting account?

How many internal links on my site use exact match anchor text?

There are a thousand questions like this that any content site owner will need to answer at some point, and I'll bet you couldn't quickly answer all of them, right now.

Without having that type of information captured in a structured, easily accessible way, you'll waste hours (even days) finding it when you need it.

Until now!

Recording the data is quick and simple if you have the right format set up to do so (do it once, do it right!) and I've been doing that on my own sites since I started each of them. Now I've polished up my templates, so that you can use them too.

Other top-tier content site owners are already using these templates ts. For example, the ever-popular Niche Site Lady on Twitter uses it to power her $40k+ monthly site portfolio:

This is what these bespoke spreadsheets cover

Content Production: Once you have your topic/keyword research and briefs done, it's time to get them written, edited, published, and monitored for updates over time. This sheet includes

  • A content plan tab to track the purpose of articles and the process of producing, publishing, and updating them
  • A publishing checklist to ensure all the important on (and some off) page elements are complete
  • An internal linking tracker so you know where all your links go and the anchor text they use (great for troubleshooting relevance issues on your site later on)
  • A bonus tracker to design Circle Jerk silos. These are by far the most powerful linking structure to rank key money pages but have to be implemented precisely. This tab positions you to do that quickly. Find out more about Circle Jerk silos here:

Product Research: Finding the best affiliate products to recommend can be a guessing game. How do you know what products outperform others in review sites in the SERPs? How are your competitors selling them? Which 'best for' categories do Google and users want to see? The list goes on.

This sheet contains the format and process for removing the guesses, so you can leverage all your competitors' work against them and make more money from your reviews!

Site Documentation: All the details and log ins for your Wordpress, hosting, and associated social accounts. Simple stuff, but crucial for those accounts that you don't access very often, and tracking who has access to your site.

What do I mean by 'polished up'?

When people first expressed an interest in seeing these templates, I thought it would be a quick job to remove my own data and publish the empty spreadsheets. Many hours later, I've realised how wrong I was!

By working through each template I've

  • Tidied them up so that everything is clear and simple. Even Excel novices can use them without any knowledge of special formatting techniques or formulas
  • Rationalised multiple sheets and tabs into 3 simple files (making future work for me and my team much slicker along the way)
  • Added full instructions to each sheet, including documenting every column of data, so you know exactly what each one is for and how to use them

What you'll get

  • A set of Excel files
  • A link to the Google Sheets versions too


I totally appreciate that not every currency is as strong as the dollar. That's why I've applied Pricing Parity to all my Gumroad products. The price you pay will automatically adjust depending on the country you're from.

Do yourself and your sites a favour, and download these templates now!

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The Ultimate Niche Site Template Collection

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